Katherine is the third largest town in the Northern Territory, partly due to the 2,400 strong community of RAAF members and their families. Situated 320km south of Darwin on the banks of the Katherine River, with a population of approximately 10 000, Katherine has a diverse economic base comprising Defence, tourism, agriculture and mining.

Katherine is also the home of many government and Aboriginal services for the region, which extends all the way from the Queensland border to the Western Australian border.

Suburbs overview

RAAF Tindal base is a 15 minute drive from the centre of town. Another Defence location in the area is the Army's Katherine Training area, which is 27km from Katherine. There is also a small outpost in Alice Springs.

RAAF Base Tindal does not provide private rentals, so if you wish to find a Rent Allowance (RA) property you will only be able to do so in Katherine.

Real estate websites for Katherine


Some schools in Katherine are zoned. For information on private and public schools visit the Northern Territory Education Directory.

Child care

There are several child care facilities in Katherine. The resources below may help you locate the right child care service for your family.

Bases nearby

  • Katherine to RAAF Base Tindal - 17km
  • Katherine to Army Training area - 27km

Public transport

There is no public transport in Katherine, however, taxis are available.


There are many sporting and recreational activities in Katherine for all ages including fishing clubs, athletics centre, bowls, AFL, soccer, golf, rugby league, rugby union and netball.


  • Katherine Hospital (public)
  • Kintore Clinic (public)