Hobart is Tasmania's harbour capital and the second oldest Australian Capital, located in the south east of the state and at the foot of majestic Mount Wellington. The city's 129,000 residents enjoy the river harbour, the mountain vistas and beautiful national parks throughout the state.

Hobart has many historic sandstone buildings which are still in use today. At Salamanca Place you will find 19th century waterfront warehouses dating back to the 1830's whaling days. Today, they are filled with cafes, restaurants, galleries and art studios, an ideal place to wander or enjoy alfresco dining. Each Saturday morning the famous Salamanca Market is held. The Market sells arts and crafts, antiques and fresh food and vegetables.

Suburbs of Hobart

DHA manages just over 70 properties in Tasmania, with the vast majority of these in the Hobart area. Several homes are also available in Launceston, and Devonport. The main suburb areas in Hobart are Kingston, Brighton, and Blackman's Bay. DHA's properties tend to be located close to Defence establishments, particularly in Dowsing Point.

Real estate websites for Hobart


The Australian Schools Directory and Tasmania Online are good sources of information on public education in Tasmania and includes a full list of schools by location.

Child care

There are a number of child care facilities in Hobart, Tasmania. The resources below may help you locate the right childcare service for your family.

Bases nearby

  • Hobart to Anglesea Barracks, Hobart – 1.5km
  • Hobart to Derwent Barracks, Glenorchy – 7km
  • Hobart to Paterson Barracks, Launceston – 200km
  • Hobart to Youngtown Barracks, Launceston – 200km
  • Hobart to Kokoda Barracks, Devonport – 279km
  • Hobart to Warrane Baracks, Warrane – 8km
  • Hobart to Buckland Military Training Area, north of Richmond – 27km


Public transport

In Tasmania the State Government operates a Government Business Enterprise known as Metro to undertake public passenger bus services in the major urban areas. The extent of Metro operations can be found on their website, along with information on routes, timetables, fares and other relevant information.www.metrotas.com.au or phone 132201.

Regional connections around the State are provided by private bus operators, and some areas also have supplementary services provided by tourist bus operators. Please check with the Tasmania Travel and Information Centrewww.hobarttravelcentre.com.au for further information.


All Sporting Clubs and associations within the Tasmania location can be found on the website www.infoline.tas.gov.au


The Royal Hobart Hospital is a public hospital located the in Hobart CBD, Tasmania, Australia. The RHH also functions as a teaching hospital in co-operation with the University of Tasmania.  The following website link will provide you with a list of other hospitals in Tasmania www.myhospitals.gov.au