Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, is a coastal city with a population of 1.1 million, situated between the Lofty Ranges and Gulf of St Vincent. Adelaide has a Mediterranean climate with hot summers and cooler winters. The city centre is a grid system surrounded by green parkland.

Suburbs of Adelaide

All of Adelaide, Gawler and Adelaide Hills areas are suitable locations for housing.

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All government high schools in metropolitan Adelaide are zoned. A student’s zoned school is determined according to their permanent place of residence. A primary school will only implement a school zone if it is experiencing enrolment pressure, so please contact a primary school directly to see if it has a school zone.

Child care

There are a number of child care facilities in Adelaide. The resources below may help you locate the right child care service for your family.

Bases nearby

  • City Centre to Keswick Army Barracks - 4km
  • City Centre to Hampstead Military Barracks - 8km
  • City Centre to Warradale Military Barracks - 13km
  • City Centre to RAAF Base Edinburgh - 25km
  • City Centre to 16AD Woodside - 37km
  • Gawler to RAAF Base Edinburgh - 21km
  • Hewett to RAAF Base Edinburgh - 25km


Adelaide is the home of many sports, with the main ones being AFL, soccer, rugby league and rugby union.

Public transport

Adelaide has an affordable and efficient public transport system with trains, trams and buses to major shopping centres north, south and west of the city.

Adelaide Metro is the transport system servicing the greater metropolitan region and can help you plan your trip.


  • Royal Adelaide Hospital (public)
  • Flinders Medical Centre (public)
  • Flinders Private Hospital (private)
  • Women’s & Children’s Hospital (public) 
  • Modbury Hospital (public)
  • Llyell McEwin Hospital (public) 
  • Gawler Health Service Inc (public) 
  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital (public)