Member help

Living-in Accommodation member information

General information

For details about requesting a permanent, temporary or transit room for yourself or someone else including VIP rooms. Details about booking a group onto a Base. This information also outlines what the room LIA levels are and details about the Permanent LEAP room rules. Included on this page is information for access to the LIA Administration roles to manage Base accommodation.

For more information please see: General information.

Financial information

For details about contributions for rooms as defined in PACMAN or live in Meals (LIM). This page includes details about contributions when on LWOP, going on a deployment or under sea or field conditions. Information regarding a change to your categorisation is provided along with details about the responsibilities associated to a Non-duty request or Mess fees for a transit/temporary occupation.

For more information please see: Financial information.

Base guides

For specific details on each Base relating to its location and access including security requirements. The Base guides also outline information regarding the accommodation as relevant to your March in/out requirements and after-hours arrangements. The guides include some Base contact numbers and the Mess fee amounts.

For more information please see: Base guides.