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Living In Accommodation (LIA) contributions

DHA will automatically commence and cease member fortnightly LIA contributions in accordance with PACMAN when a room is checked in and out by base service providers.

A member’s employee ID number must exist against the allocation to allow DHA to assess LIA contributions. This is particularly important for groups or courses – no name, no key, no contributions.

Names provided to DHA

Where names are provided to base service providers and not loaded against the allocation, the contribution requirement cannot be assessed – names must be added to the booking and allocations system, refer to DHA via 139 342 or

Generally; contributions are not payable when the member is:

  • categorised as MWD(U) – (ensure categorisation correct when creating request),
  • paying for other suitable accommodation (where known by DHA),
  • sharing with four or more people in the same room,
  • occupying a room that is classed as less than level one,
  • a reservist undergoing training for periods less than six months.

Some contributions are not managed by DHA i.e. Defence Civilians, periods of LWOP etc any questions are referred to the base accommodation office or Customer Service Centre (CSC).

Occupying LIA when on LWOP

If you retain a room whilst on LWOP, you are required to contribute at a higher rate for the LWOP period.

DHA do not manage contributions for members on LWOP,  any questions are referred to the base accommodation office or CSC.

Contributions when deployed, field or at sea

Room contributions are not required when deployed or when in receipt of field or seagoing allowances for greater than 21 days.

If you are deployed, or at sea or living under field conditions for a period greater than 22 days, your contribution will be ceased automatically through Defence Pay.  You are no longer required to notify DHA of this occurrence.

Adjustments for meals are not managed by DHA.


A removal entitlement may exist if not retaining a room – the member should contact Toll Transitions for details.

Change of categorisation

Members need to ensure their categorisation is kept up to date and DHA is informed of any change.

Categorisation accuracy ensures room requests and contributions are managed in accordance with PACMAN.

Mess transit fees and fees for non-duty bookings


Payment of a mess fees may be required, these are non-public monies charged by the local mess committee.  DHA does not manage these fees. The fees and payment methods are set locally and are available for each base: see base guides.


It is the member’s responsibility to declare non-duty. Not all bases support non-duty requests even though a room may be allocated. Refer to the base guides for details or contact the base directly for information.

Payment for non-duty occupancy is not managed by DHA; though usually a cost recovery is applicable.  Any questions should be referred to the base accommodation office or CSC.