Deployment, field and seagoing

For Members Without Dependants (MWOD) and Members with Dependants (Unaccompanied) MWD(U)

Members Without Dependants (MWOD) retaining accommodation whilst deployed at sea or field may not contribute for defined periods as outlined in the Defence Pay and Conditions Manual (PACMAN).

If at sea or field for a period of greater than 22 days, notify DHA to allow processing adjustments to your rent contributions.

As soon as Members Without Dependants (MWOD) and Members with Dependants (Unaccompanied) learn they are deploying they need to consider if they intend to retain their accommodation. If deploying for six months or longer; they should contact Toll Transitions on 1800 819 167 where not retaining accommodation to discuss a storage entitlement.

Please provide an AE 162 Deployment Housing Retention form available on the DRN if you intend to retain your accommodation. Noting this form must be signed by your CO/OC.

For Members Without Dependants (MWOD) this document confirms your deployment details authorising adjustments of your member contribution accordingly.

For Members with Dependants (MWD)

There is no change to your rent contribution during these activities, do not complete a Deployment Housing Retention form.

You should however; ensure that the Appointment of agent on SR issues (PDF 209kB) is signed by your partner to act on your behalf regarding maintenance issues. When you nominate an agent to act on your behalf, you are committing yourself to the decisions that agent makes in relations to your housing.

If deploying; you may wish to relocate your family for the period of your deployment for family support. If your family decide to relocate; contact DHA via to discuss any housing related issues.

Notifying us of your intention to retain housing

RA: Log onto Online Services
LIA, MCA or Surplus SR: Email
Unit Pay Representative, Unit Administrator: Email