01 June 2022 Taking Pride in our work


DHA is celebrating Pride Month in June – a time to acknowledge and celebrate diversity, and to reflect on how we can deliver truly inclusive services to all Defence Members.

‘… Our work can make a difference for [LGBTQI+ Defence members]. I want us to be an ally to them. I want them to find only empathy, acceptance and support in their dealings with us.’

With these words, our Managing Director launched Pride Month at DHA.

At DHA we serve Defence members, and we recognise the diversity that they represent. We recognise the discrimination LGBTQI+ people have endured for centuries and we celebrate the progress we have made in protecting the rights of LGBTQI+ people. We also make a public commitment to provide our services to all people, regardless of their identity or sexual orientation.

This is why this year, we celebrate Pride Month for the first time – to acknowledge the challenges LGBTQI+ people face, and reflect how we can be better allies.

In the words of our Managing Director, ‘It can be as simple as using correct pronouns, or as challenging as examining and questioning our beliefs and biases about gender, sexuality and family.’