10 April 2019 DHA welcomes two Legatee’s to the team

Following the successful launch of DHA’s Legacy internship program last year, two new Legacy interns have joined DHA in 2019.

Julian Turner and Ronan Gotch were the successful candidates for the program and commenced their internships at head office in January.

Our Legacy internship program provides 12 months of employment at DHA and supported enrolment in a Certificate III Business Administration course for two dependents of current or past Defence members who are beneficiaries of Legacy Australia.

Ronan, a Legatee himself, acknowledges Legacy Australia for the opportunities he has been given which includes speaking at the national dawn service and trekking the Kokoda trail.

‘This internship provides me with a platform towards a future career within a government agency or business enterprise, expanding my knowledge of business relations,’ Ronan said.

‘Upon completion of these twelve months, I’m hoping to gain knowledge and skillsets that can be applied throughout my working career.’

As for future career aspirations, Ronan’s long-term goal would be to make an impact on the livelihood of lower socioeconomic living through an entrepreneurial role.

Julian also hopes this internship will provide him with an opportunity to expand his professional skillset and explore future career prospects.

‘Internships provide an excellent career beginning and working in a government sector will allow me to build on my studies and learn how the APS operates,’ Julian said.

Julian is spending the first six months of his internship working with Governance and has been part of the Recovery Action Group (RAG) formed in the wake of the Townsville floods.

‘It was great to assist with the recovery process and learn from people who have lots of experience in this area,’ Julian said.

‘I am unsure of my long term career, but I’ve always had an interest in health and ecology and I want to have a positive impact through the work I do.’

The Legacy internship program enables participants to gain valuable on the job training and experience through a variety of roles. It is designed to provide our interns with a foot in the door to start their working life.

This program demonstrates our shared responsibility in supporting Defence members and their families, as well as providing an opportunity for us to give back to the community. 

Welcome Julian and Ronan!

Legacy interns, Ronan Gotch and Julian Turner
Legacy interns, Ronan Gotch and Julian Turner.