18 March 2018 Tropical Cyclone Marcus

Darwin was subject to severe weather over the weekend due to Tropical Cyclone Marcus, with power, road closures, fallen trees, debris, and housing damage reported across Darwin.

We urge all Darwin residents to listen to the safety advice from the State Emergency Service and Chief Minister, Michael Gunner. Stay home if you don’t need to be out on the roads, and continue to boil water until advised.

At Defence Housing Australia (DHA) our priority is to ensure, first and foremost, the immediate health, safety and security of Defence members and their families.

Our Maintenance Contact Centre is currently experiencing a large number of calls from Defence families across Darwin, and is working with them to ensure their personal safety in the first instance, including organising emergency maintenance.

Our Maintenance Contact Centre, located in the Hunter region, is equipped to handle all enquiries, and staff from our other regions are currently pitching in to help to ensure that we can continue to help everyone quickly during this difficult time.

We are working on a triage system based on priority, with matters that could impact the health, safety and security of our members and their families at the top of our list first.

From today, we will begin working through the damage to our portfolio where access is possible (noting that there are a large number of fallen trees on roads which may be blocking access).

For investors, if we receive notification from a Defence family that there is damage to your property, we will notify you as soon as possible. We thank you for your patience.

We will continue to update this page as we assess the impact of the Tropical Cyclone to the property portfolio.