23 April 2015 Important storm update

Across the last three days much of the east coast of NSW has been subject to severe storm conditions. One of the worst hit areas has been the Hunter region, but also affected are homes in Sydney and the Illawarra regions.

We are currently working closely with Defence families across these regions to ensure their personal safety in the first instance, this includes organising emergency maintenance and in some cases temporary accommodation. There are currently more than 115,000 homes across the region without power, not to mention severe flooding, road closures and disruption to mobile services.

As both our regional office and maintenance contact centres are also located in the Hunter region, our staff in these offices have also been personally affected, as have many of our maintenance contractors. Staff from our other regions are currently pitching in to help our Hunter offices to ensure that we can continue to help everyone quickly during this difficult time. If you have tried to contact us during this time, we thank you for your patience.

For lessors concerned about properties that they may own in the region, please be patient as we assess damages. Please rest assured that we will be in contact with you if your property has sustained substantial damages.

We will continue to update you as more information becomes available.