31 August 2014 Rex D. Dog visits The Willows State School in Kirwan

The children of Defence families at The Willows State School got a very special visitor, with Defence Housing Australia’s (DHA) favourite fury friend Rex D. Dog dropping by to help the school’s librarian read his book, Sticking Together, to a group of more than 80 Defence kids.

Sticking Together, which was created by Defence Housing Australia (DHA) for kids just like those at the school, looks at life within a Defence family and delivers an important underlying message, while remaining educational and fun.

‘The book aims to provide additional support to Defence families and builds upon our relationship with some of DHA’s youngest stakeholders, Defence children,’ DHA Managing Director Peter Howman said.

‘Townsville has a very heavy Defence presence, and The Willows State School has the largest population of Defence students in Australia. So when the students invited Rex to come along to visit the school he leapt at the chance to meet some of the kids his book is written about.’

The story follows Rex D. Dog and his family, as their Dad, who serves in the Army, goes away for work. Along the way, Rex celebrates his birthday, makes a new friend and realises that the most important job of all is supporting his family.

‘DHA is committed to assisting with the additional demands and challenges placed on Defence families during times of increased operational deployment. We pride ourselves on building homes and communities for every member of the Defence family, and that includes the littlest members of the family.’