05 August 2014 Advisers appointed for scoping study

The Minister for Finance Senator the Hon. Mathias Cormann has today announced the appointment of business and legal advisers for the scoping study into the future ownership of Defence Housing Australia (DHA).

Lazard Pty Ltd has been appointed as business advisers.

Ashurst Australia has been appointed as legal advisers.

These firms will provide independent advice and recommendations around possible future ownership options ensuring the objectives for the scoping studies are met.

With respect to DHA, the objectives are to:

  • maintain service and quality levels for customers and private investors
  • ensure any recommended outcome/s treat DHA employees in a fair manner, including through the preservation of accrued entitlements
  • minimise any residual risks and liabilities to the Government, and
  • maximise the benefits to the Government.

The Government will consider the recommendations of the scoping studies as part of the 2015-16 Budget. No decision on future ownership options will be made until this time.

For more information about the scoping study, please visit the Department of Finance's scoping studies webpage (link removed from Finance website).