09 July 2014 Defence members to benefit from double discount

Defence Housing Australia (DHA) is making it even easier for Defence members to invest in its property investment program by doubling the discount for Defence members.

From 1 July to 31 December 2014, Defence members will be provided with an exclusive discounted offer of $5,000 when purchasing and settling on a DHA property. DHA hopes the discount, which is normally $2,500, will make it easier for Defence members to invest in the property market.

“This is a unique opportunity for Defence members to invest in their own future,” DHA Managing Director Peter Howman said. “They will enjoy all the benefits of the DHA lease, including a long-term lease, guaranteed rent and a comprehensive repair and maintenance service — all at a discounted price.”

Defence members tend to be savvy investors in the DHA property investment program, potentially due to their first-hand experience living in the homes.

“Our property investment program funds our residential developments which in turn provides home for Defence members. By investing in a DHA investment property, Defence members can become an active part in their own housing solution,” Mr Howman said.

DHA releases properties to the market weekly via a ballot process. To participate in the sales process, prospective investors must gain pre-approval from their financial institution and provide DHA with a copy of the approval.

“Defence members will still need to take part in the regular sales process,” Mr Howman said. “Properties are advertised on our website up to a week prior to release, so prospective investors can do their due diligence. They then advise us which property they would like to be in the ballot for. Properties are then randomly allocated through an automated process.”

The offer is only available to properties that are purchased and settled between 1 July and 31 December 2014. Any Defence members interested in learning more about the discount should register at dha.gov.au

Natalie Cooper, DHA Head of Marketing Communications, natalie.cooper@dha.gov.au 62706057 0419 476 970 www.dha.gov.au