03 February 2013 DHA welcomes new Managing Director

Defence Housing Australia (DHA) today announced the appointment of a new Managing Director, Mr Peter Howman.

Mr Howman has worked at DHA for the past five years in the role of Chief Operating Officer. During this time he worked closely with the previous Managing Director, Mr Michael Del Gigante, in guiding the overall strategic direction and management of the organisation.

'Peter has been a vital part of the DHA Executive for a number of years,' DHA Chairman, Mr Derek Volker said.

'He has been an integral part of shaping the future of DHA through his work as the Chief Operating Officer, particularly in the work that he has performed in our Property Provisioning Group. DHA is now positioned as one of the leading property developers in Australia, and through Peter's future direction the DHA Board hope that this will continue to grow.'

In the past two years, DHA has invested $250 million in several large development sites in Adelaide, Townsville, Brisbane and Sydney, along with the new residential development, Breezes, Muirhead in Darwin. DHA now has a development pipeline of over $1 billion.

'This development program constitutes a significant broadening of DHA's business activities,' Mr Volker said.

Mr Howman holds a Master of Business Administration, Graduate Diploma in Computer Science and a Graduate Diploma of Business. He also has a wealth of experience in Defence through 21 years of service with the Royal Australian Airforce and as well as other major global companies including Thales, the Boeing Company and Hewlett Packard.

'I look forward to the challenges that are ahead of me as the new Managing Director of DHA,' Mr Howman said. 'Our ability to create large-scale housing developments all over the country means that DHA is making a major contribution to boosting the construction industry and housing in Australia, this is largely due to those that work at DHA. Most people are excited to come to work, and are doing a great job, and I'm proud to be a part of that.'

For more information contact:

Kate Swift, National Manager, Marketing Communication by phone (0421 040 098) or email.