Our values

DHA operates in a complex and dynamic environment. We look for and value employees that demonstrate behaviours that align to our values:


We are focussed and inclusive in all of our efforts, balancing long and short term work, family, profit and social aims.

  • Promote well being and care for people
  • Make sound, balanced decisions that consider competing priorities and timelines
  • Trust and support people
  • Be flexible and responsive to individual needs
  • Take actions that are enduring, efficient and add value

We strive to develop sound relationships and collaborate in order to achieve our core purpose and build strong communities for our   people, customers, clients and stakeholder.

  • Work together to achieve clarity and purpose
  • Build strong communities
  • Share generously and help each other
  • Be inclusive and value diversity
  • Help each other

We are ambitious, innovative and engaged in what we do.

  • Seek and create change and innovation
  • Work positively and enthusiastically
  • Find and create opportunities for growth
  • Be ambitious and creative
  • Empower individual decision making

We do what we say we will do with professionalism, efficiency and diligence.

  • Consistently meet agreed targets
  • Seek professional excellence and industry leadership
  • Be open and transparent in communications
  • Overcome challenges and find solutions
  • Express and receive feedback
  • Act ethically and honestly

We are bold in what we seek to achieve, constantly learning and aiming to be leaders in every way.

  • Aim big to be the best we can be
  • Be leaders at every level
  • Seek personal growth and learning
  • Engage thoroughly and thoughtfully
  • Do what it takes
  • Strive for high performance

We value, trust and recognise our people, customers, clients and stakeholders.

  • Recognise and support the role of Defence members and their families
  • Value each individual’s role, experience and contribution
  • Keep people and customers at the centre of decision making
  • Harness the contributions and strengths of different industries and sectors