About DHA video transcript



Today we look forward to the future of DHA, as we celebrate our 30th Anniversary and everything the business has achieved so far.

DHA is a proud organisation that manages more than 18,000 properties across the country, with a passionate team who work together to deliver housing and related services for Defence members.

The business has experienced significant growth and many organisational changes however; our purpose and passion has never changed.

Back in 1988, William Kirkby-Jones faced an enormous challenge - to deliver a new standard of Defence housing across Australia. His leadership improved the quality of life for service men, women and their children.

Since then, our commitment to this purpose has never wavered.

Today, DHA builds award-winning developments that set benchmarks in innovation and sustainable design. As one of Australia’s leading property developers, we have a long-term commitment to the communities we build. Our developments go beyond bricks and mortar. We work hard to build healthy, vibrant communities for all Australians to call home.

Our dedication means we continually work towards improving the lives of our stakeholders including Defence members, their families, investors and the overall community.

DHA strive to provide a high level of service, great customer support, and a range of housing solutions.

And let’s not forget the children of DHA’s Defence personnel. The Rex D. Dog program helps them settle into their new environment, with a consistent friend throughout their Defence life.

None of this is possible without the passion that the DHA staff and stakeholders across the country, have shown along the way. Our success is due to their dedication, fulfilling the mission first set out by William Kirkby-Jones. They embody the DHA vision of creating vibrant and healthy communities that bring Defence members, their families and homeowners together.

We continually engage with our shareholders, the Department of Defence and Department of Finance, to ensure that we understand and meet their needs. 

DHA’s commitment to keep looking forward is supported by our contractors who play a key role in delivering our housing and services to a high standard.

As DHA moves into its fourth decade of business, it is clear that the operating environment has changed. The way we do business has evolved. The homes created have improved. Our offering to investors has diversified. And our partnerships with key stakeholders, contractors, and industry, are stronger than ever.

It’s an exciting time. A time where our staff and all of our stakeholders have the ability to shape the future of DHA.

We will continue to unite in our commitment, striving for excellence in our housing and services, not just for Defence members, but for all Australians.

Now that’s something to look forward to.